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Información sobre Comercializadora Marvel instancia de Odoo, el ERP de código abierto.

Aplicaciones instaladas

Odoo 16 HR Payroll
Payroll For Odoo 16 Community Edition
Odoo 16 HR Payroll Accounting EE
Funcionalidades para crear pólizas desde las nóminas.
POS Stock
The user can display the product quantities on the Odoo POS with the module. If set, The user cannot add out of stock products to the POS cart.
Log Note
Log Note Module helps you to manage the different Model with fields log added in the chatter
Website Pre-Order
The customers can place pre-orders for the selected products on the Odoo website which are out of stock.
De presupuestos a facturas
Advanced User Audit | User Activity Audit | Login Notification
User Activity Log, User Activity Audit, Session Management, Record Log, Activity Traces, Login Notification, User Activity Record, Record History, Login History, Login location, Login IP
Facturas y pagos
Seguimiento de clientes potenciales y oportunidades próximas
Inter Company Transfer
Inter Company Transfer / Inter Warehouse Transfer This app is used to keep track of all the transactions between two warehouses, source warehouse and destination warehouse can be of same company and can be of different company. -Intercompany transaction (transaction between warehouses of two different companies) -Interwarehouse transaction (transaction between warehouses of same company) -Reverse transactions / Reverse transfer (Inter company transaction or Inter warehouse transaction) -Define inter company rules which will create inter comapny transactions record automatically -Create intercompany transaction automatically when any sales order validated in the company -Create interwarehouse transaction automatically when any sales order validated in the company
Auto Create Sale Order Invoice
Auto Create sale order invoice after validating the delivery order
Setu Bill and Cash Flux Date
Auto create bill withing the billing type
Budget Forecasting
Cash Forecasting
The cash Forecast solution calculates and allows end users to know the available cash in the upcoming future considering the Opening balance, all cash receipts, and all cash expenditures. cash forecasting, cash flow forecasting, cash in, cash out, expense, forecast budget, liquidity risk management, cash needs, inflow, outflow, payment, in payment, out payment, chart of accounts, forecast finance, forecast cash flow, net income, depreciation, inventory, receivable, payable, fixed asset, opening balance, closing balance, income, expenses, net forecast, total cash in, total cash out, opening forecast, closing forecast, recurring forecast, real forecast, cash forecast analysis, treasure, cash analytic, advance cash planning, cash capital, cashin, cashout, treasury analysis, cashflow management, cash flow management,
Update Cost - Sale order line
Update Cost - Sale order line
Employee attendance report
Module for managing attendances of an employees
Sitio web
Constructor de sitio web empresarial
Associate Pos Invoice TO Bank Statements
associate invoices of pos with bank statements
ABC Sales Analysis Reports
ABC Analysis Report / ABC Sales Analysis Report XYZ Analysis Report / Inventory XYZ Analysis Report ABC-XYZ Analysis Report / ABC-XYZ Combined Analysis Report / ABC XYZ Analysis Report ABC Sales Frequency Analysis Report / ABC Order Frequency Analysis / ABC Sales Velocity Report
ABC Sales Analysis Reports Extended
ABC Sales Analysis Reports, Inventory XYZ Analysis Report, ABC-XYZ Combine Analysis Report, ABC Sales Frequency Analysis Report
Advance Inventory Reports
Advance Inventory Reports / Inventory Analysis Reports - Inventory Turnover Analysis Report / Inventory Turnover Ratio - Inventory FSN Analysis Report / non moving report - Inventory XYZ Analysis Report - Inventory FSN with XYZ Analysis Report / FSN-XYZ Analysis / FSN XYZ Analysis - Inventory Age Report / stock ageing / Inventory ageing / stock age - Inventory Age Breakdown Report - Inventory Overtsock Report / Excess Inventory Report - Stock Movement Report / Stock Rotation Report - Inventory Out Of Stock Report / inventory coverage report / outofstock report Advanced Inventory Reports / All in one inventory reports / all in one reports
Inventory Ledger Report
Inventory Ledger Report / Stock Card date wise real time inventory calculation along with opening & closing. Stock ledger report helps user to get summary as well as detailed of each days inventory movemenents. stock movement report, stock rotation report, product movement, daily product movement, product opening closing, product opening, product closing, detailed product report, product detailed report, product summary report, date wise opening, date wise closing, date wise calculated opening stock and closing stock, product detailed, date wise detailed data for each movement, capture all possible inventory movements and separately visible all IN transactions and OUT transactions in report. (Date wise / Summary)
Setu Create Monthly Sale Order Proposal
create monthly sale order proposal for every customer
Setu IBUSHAK Oracle Connector
Setu Product Price update
Update product price based on Range and different level
RFM Analysis - Marketing Strategy
RFM Analysis - A powerful marketing strategy RFM analysis increases business sales. It enables personalized marketing, increases engagement, and allows you to create specific, relevant offers to the right groups of customers. RFM analysis allows marketers to target specific clusters of customers with communications that are much more relevant for their particular behavior – and thus generate much higher rates of response, plus increased loyalty and customer lifetime value. eCommerce sales analysis with RFM technique RFM analysis is a data driven customer behavior segmentation technique. RFM analysis increases eCommerce sales. It enables personalized marketing, increases engagement, and allows you to create specific, relevant offers to the right groups of customers. It helps eCommerce sellers, online stores, marketplaces to boost their sales Directly integrated with Email Marketing, Automated mailing list generation feature
Gestione sus actividades de stock y logística.
Advance Reordering
Advance Reordering - Setu Consulting
Gestionar la contabilidad financiera y analítica.
Odoo Shopify Connector
Shopify odoo connector is an application that helps to integrate shopify online store with Odoo ERP. Integrating Shopify store with Odoo ERP helps shopify seller to manage various functionalities of Shopify now directly from ERP which aids not only to end users but also to the management team of shopify. Managing various functionalities that shopify stores provides as a cloud based eCommerce platform through the most effective ERP management System helps shopify sellers to operate all the functionalities through ODOO ERP provides the most user friendly environment. By using Shopify connector various functionalities like importing products and its details, publishing products to Shopify, Importing Orders to Odoo, and customer details, orders, stock details, reports, invoices, returns, refunds, point of Sale, Synchronize products, manage multiple stores, manage Shopify payouts. shopify integration, shopify odoo integration, shopify return, shopify refund, odoo shopify refund, odoo shopify return, shopify risky order, import shopify order, export shopify order, import stock, import location, import shipped orders, import unshipped orders, woocommerce connector, odoo woocommerce connector, connectors, ecommerce connector, shopify connector, woocommerce connector
e-Commerce Base
eCommerce base is one such solution that now allows users to configure various common setup of Company, Warehouse, Creating Products between online eCommerce store and ERP, validating Inventory, stock fields, Product’s description on ERP and multiple online stores, Selecting sales team for approvals of various orders, payment related work and various configurations in ERP for multiple online stores all together through this single solution. woocommerce, connector, wayfair, shopify, integration, Thus now much of the time of the owner of Multiple online stores is saved as all configurations common for multiple eCommerce platforms is configured in ERP through this single solution.
Órdenes de compra, licitaciones y acuerdos.
Punto de venta
Interfaz de PdV amigable para usuarios para tiendas y restaurantes
Organice y programe sus proyectos
Comercio electrónico
Venda sus productos online
Fabricar Órdenes & Listas de Materiales
Marketing por email
Diseñar, enviar y gestionar correos electrónicos
Enviar, validar y refacturar los gastos de los empleados.
Cree y personalice sus aplicaciones Odoo
Gestión de documentos
Asigne días libres y siga las solicitudes de días libres
Proceso de Selección
Seguimiento al flujo de reclutamiento
Centralice la información de los empleados
POS Ticket Logo and Barcode
POS Receipt with Barcode and Logo
MercadoLibre Publisher / Mercado Libre Odoo Connector
MercadoLibre Publisher / Mercado Libre Odoo Connector
Performance (NineBox Employee Performance)
NineBox Employee Performance
Setu Product Per Country
products display as per the user country
Setu Advance Budget Management
Setu Credit Bureau
Setu Credit Bureau
Multi User Inventory Count / Stock Take
Inventory Count is the solution that helps to manage inventory that is to check and keep track record of physical inventory. inventory count, stock count, inventory management, stock management, stock analysis, inventory analysis, physical stock count, count inventories, employee performance, simultaneously inventory count, simultaneously stock count, approval, rejection, barcode scanning, track record, session management, work accuracy, discrepancy report, adjustment report, inventory adjustment report, statistic report,
Sale Order Status
The customers can see their sale order status
Setu Shopify Connector Extended
Warehouse Efficiency Report
Sales Transport Management | Shipping Management | Freight Management | Transport Management | Courier Management
Sales Transport Management, Shipment Management & Freight Management
Whatsapp All Integration Odoo
Integration Whatsapp for Sale, CRM, Invoice, Delivery and more
Seguimiento a tickets de soporte
Gestiona el horario de tus empleados
Chat, puerta de enlace al correo y canales privados
Centralice tu libreta de direcciones
Programar reuniones de empleados
Evalúe a sus empleados
Gestiona tu flota y rastrea los costes de los vehículos
Crea y valida solicitudes de aprobación
Cree encuestas y analice las respuestas
Reparar productos dañados
Segumiento a asistencias de empleados
Código de barras
Use lectores de código de barras para procesar operaciones logísticas
Organice su trabajo con recordatorios
Treball en línia
Gestione su proceso de contratación online.
Conector de Amazon
Importa pedidos de Amazon y sincroniza entregas
Contratos de los empleados

Localizaciones / plan de cuentas instalados

Información demo de las transferencias automáticas
Genérico - Contabilidad
México - Contabilidad
EDI para México
Localización mexicana para documentos EDI
EDI v4.0 para México
Convierte los documentos mexicanos EDI CFDI a la versión 4.0
EDI para México (configuración avanzada)
EDI v4.0 para México (COMEX)
Agrega el complemento ComercioExterior a CFDI v4.0
México - Número de Pedimentos/Almacén
Generar Factura Electrónica con número personalizado
México - Guía de entrega electrónica
Guía de entrega electrónica para CFDI 4.0 de México
Soporte para CFDI versión 4.0
México - Guía de entrega electrónica Comex
México - Guía para el intercambio electrónico Comex 4.0
Import Supplier Invoice from XML
Create multiple Invoices from XML
Informes de la localización mexicana de Odoo
Informes contables electrónicos              - COA              - Balance de prueba        Informe DIOT
Informes de la localización mexicana de Odoo para cerrar
Permite generar el balance de general para la contabilización de cierre. Coloquialmente conocido como "Mes 13"
Exportación en XML de pólizas mexicanas de Odoo
Exporte el XML de los asientos contables del diario para la auditoría obligatoria del SAT.
Estados Unidos - Contabilidad
Reporte 1099
Exporte datos 1099 fácilmente para la declaración electrónica de impuestos con un tercero.
EE. UU. - Informes de contabilidad